This year we are going to continue our tradition of focusing on neighborhoods in KCMO and in WYCO/KCK.  Our goals include making homes of the elderly and disabled available all year long for groups looking for more than one project. The CIO staff works year round qualifying the homeowners,  getting more homes in our program that are close together, implementing processes to reduce the time requirements for our House Captains, and capitalizing on every resource to improve the overall program.  As much as we can we supply the materials, we are looking for groups to supply the volunteers

Our main event day is scheduled for October 8th, 2022. We will continue to take applications from around the city and we will be supporting groups that want to work on those projects. So if there is an area of the city you want to support you can continue to work on homes in that area.

Roofing Program

We have engaged the Gentlemen of the Roundtable to train their workers to repair roofs.  Our goal is to work year round weather permitting to repair as many roofs as we can, which is based on funding we are to secure each year.  The teams that gets their Skilled Help requests in early will have the best chance of getting the repairs done.   Here are a few pictures of our first house…

2014 Roofing Program 1 Roofing Repair 2

Neighborhood Focus