whatWeDo_255x150Christmas in October is the leading volunteer organization focused on rehabilitating the houses of low-income homeowners in the Kansas City area – at no cost to them. Our primary purpose is to rebuild houses, lives and neighborhoods so that needy families, the elderly, the disabled and the veterans may live in safety, warmth and dignity.

A person’s house is much more than boards and nails. It’s the place where loved ones live, and have a haven from the worries of the day…where people feel safe and secure.

Unfortunately for many Kansas City families, their home is not a place where those happy memories can be made. Many are living with no heat, a leaky roof, or dealing with other conditions that make their home unsafe and unlivable. Making them feel unloved, ignored and discarded.

Since 1984, the first two Saturdays in October have been dedicated to helping these less fortunate homeowners. Through Christmas in October’s Adopt-a-House program, more than 8,900 Kansas City homes have been restored to provide the gift of warmth, safety and dignity.  In 2012 we expanded the program to allow groups to work on homes and other projects all year long.  This allowed our volunteers to complete work on over 50 homes including 31 wheelchair ramps outside of our normal event days.

With a small staff and thousands of volunteers Christmas in October has given entire neighborhoods a boost by bringing people and communities together to work on 350-400 homes every year. A fresh coat of paint, a new furnace, a hot water heater, and knowing that people care can bring pride and dignity back to these communities.